Monday, September 7, 2009

Predictions for 2011-2012

Hello my pretties!!

1. Gold going to go crazy like its ass is afire!
Addendum - gold at 996$ ounce when this was written

2. America shall suffer stagflation within 2 years and then dive into a deflationary spiral.

3. The next bubble is China - who knows how they function!! low interest rates, massive lending, expansion, relatively low bad debts, internal consumption is inexplicable.

4. The USD shall lose its status as the reserve currency of the world.
However, a bulk of the trades will be carried out in Euros and USD.
Implication - Strength shall wane.

5. India shall rock on at number 2 behind China - no, considerably behind China.
But well ahead of any number 3s. Reason: Domestic consumption, entrepreneurial culture and demographics.

6. Food prices going to go nuts in 2-3 years. All the new money will have to flow somewhere. Agri land is depleting. Population and consumption are increasing.

Now, what do I get if I am correct?

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