Monday, November 29, 2010

The current financial turmoil

In case aliens are reading this post in 2035, I'm referring to the crisis related to the Eurozone, housing busts, Chimerica, blah.
I believe in an upcoming crisis - something humongous is bound to occur and the Eurozone should see drastic changes; may be a breakup, may be some countries leaving or being forced out...
China, inflation, US, unemployment, leveraged sovereign debt markets, low consumer and business confidence... please join the dots as you please.

I have one issue with this crisis. For the first time, probably, a lot of people are talking about disaster at the horizon.Crises have usually been sudden and unexpected by a large section of the smart public. But this time we have an even-ish pool of people on either side.
Logic tells me about something big happening soon.
My contrarian head says that things shall move smoothly now onwards

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