Thursday, November 3, 2011

What makes a great organisation?

Exxon Mobil may be one of the largest companies in the world and Walmart is the largest retailer in the world. Gigantic companies do not make great organisations. Apple Corp. comes to mind. Game-changing creations have been made by that company... The iPod changed the way the world thought of music and listened to music. No other mp3 player stood a chance. They made computers cool. Super cool. Then came the iPad - the next generation of personal computing - laptops had gone on for too long. The iPad still needs work as it is not as friendly and productive.
Apple changed the way people saw gizmos. Most of their products tend to be single pieces, i.e. difficult to dis-assemble. It is truly revolutionary. But when I think for a while I realise that Apple is = Mac comps, iMac, Macbook Pro, Air (Ohh...!! that is so lovely!!!!), iPod, iPad, iTouch and that is about the end. It is a tech/ gizmo company. An excellent one but that is about it.

This brings me to Google. Now, Google is the organisation of the future, the GE from the 1930s - if I can make so bold a prediction. (Pardon the last few years for GE please - stupid GE Capital!!)
Google changed the way people used email. O so friendly, so much space and all free!
It captured the ad marketing space on the internet in an unheard of way... For the longest time, and may be even now, many people didn't know how Google made money. But they sure knew how it spent money.
On people and brains.
Let's make Google Earth! ""We should allow the world to see the, uh, world! Get rid of your atlases and your stupid google search for maps!! Not very sure how we will make money off of it though."" I remember the first time I installed google earth... craziness!!! I just couldn't believe it. Of course, we now have Google Maps
Google translate - Translates stuff from one language to another. One of the most demanded things in the world... if I have a friend in Germany and I want to say something in German, or if I have received a document from a Spanish Exporter and I want to translate it; now I can at the princely sum of ZERO.
Google transliterate - A genius invention. One can write things in english phonetically, and the 'site' will change that into a language script you know.
Google Android - They want the world to use an OS for their phones. They want people to use it for free.
Gchat - Instant messaging device as part of Gmail, but wait, you can make video calls and/ or audio calls for free using the internet. So why should people use cellphones?
I could go on (well, may be I couldn't - I don't have much patience for such things...)

Point: Google rocks! It's a nimble organisation made of smart geeks aka super geeks :P and the Company just knows how to serve humanity in a very odd way. It may well be the greatest CSR initiative one might see from a Company. Just today, as I logged onto my gmail I saw a new look and with that a video from Google. Companies don't do that!! Google does!

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