Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The curse of idleness

An idle mind is a devil's workshop. Christianity? Eh. Hmmm.
Point is: when one has nothing to do, one forces oneself to do something. Quite ridiculous.
Today, I point to this article about Olympus' downfall. So here is a great Japanese company ('Icon', as called by a few) which has recently revealed a fraud. Seemingly, the company had become so good that beyond a point it kept asking for more avenues. By 'it', I mean the top managers whose interests are not aligned with those of the real benefactors, i.e. the shareholders. Supposedly, it overpaid i-bankers for financial transactions which did not generate any real value for the company. The number doing the rounds is ~USD 1.7 Bn. The problem is not the quantum but the sheer ass-ness of what one does with one's time. This lethargy is what has ruined Yahoo! For now, Apple has not succumbed to it - with USD 75 - 80 Bn of cash on its books, managers would be tempted to burn some of it away and my guess is that it will.
Not taking a decision is a business decision. At times, it is important to sit by and watch others shuffle about; I believe it is an important part of one's growth.

This brings me to another article I read today which is an interview of a 'spiritual leader'. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. This man had once said, when referring to India's economic development, "The urge to pee is greater than the urge to pray. We need more toilets and better sanitation." Something to that effect.
The article speaks of the odd evolution of human society where instead of making things simple, things have become more complex. He says that Indians, in general, still don't care about world affairs; we care a lot more about monsoons, domestic infrastructure, food prices and nature. I had addressed this issue, tangentially, a while ago, here. Something has gone terribly wrong with the way human society has developed. Capitalism has become all-consuming and we are near or have begun moving towards one extreme of capitalism.

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