Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't take tension ;)

Never know how one thing leads to another. I read only one article from today's Mint and that was by V Anantha Nageswaran. That led me to this post and a wonderful comment by someone who seems to be Japanese - MisoHakimi (If you're reading this, I was too lazy to sign up for FT, but well done). The dude said it well... PEs can be really lazy, especially some of the funds which have opened shop in India with their parent/ brother/ sister PEs operating abroad. For all the wrong that is said about India right now, we will wait for them to flock back here when this country will continue to remain one of the fastest growing large-ish economies in the world.
For all of India's annoyances, the people are tremendously resourceful. And this has changed for the better in the last 15 years or so with more Indians coming back from the US and Europe after gaining significant social and business experiences there. There is a new breed of Indian companies which is trying to work well and well within ethical boundaries.
As far as the FT post is concerned, I know that there are just too many PEs out there chasing Indian deals when the smarties came in long ago when nobody really cared about India i.e. pre 2003/ 2004

As an aside, India is a crazy country and we function in our own weird ways. We have to deal with a culture that has been developed and influenced over 5000 years; it's like an entire Europe functioning like one country and trying to adopt Chinese as their common tongue :D
We are like this only :)

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