Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There's a road...

We're off to see the wizard... the wonderful wizard of Oz!!!
The China story is beginning to unravel, or so it seems and so I hope :)
To me, it's a bit like a mini-Dubai (or a maxi-Dubai?) - city folks have a standard of living higher than they ought to or may be I'm just envious :P
Massive fund flows in the near future; the volatility of 2008/09 may have been the trailer to the movie. I wonder...

On another note, the FM of India said something about austerity in India. I had to laugh. Austerity? In a country with millions homeless, and millions living in just above poverty levels and close to a billion having to suffer the wrath of inflation with no good quality government service? 
F-in' Ha! 

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