Friday, June 22, 2012


Watching Larry Ellison's interview. I guess his company is such a B2B player that one doesn't really understand or want to understand what he is up to. However, he is one of the longest serving CEOs ever, at least in the tech space - since 1977!
Therefore, his views are extraordinary. He has seen companies come and go and people live and die. Facebook is is less than a decade old and Google is about 15 years old - and this dude has been CEO of a company that has overseen much of all this progress around him.
Interesting to see how he rubbishes the hype around cloud computing saying that it's not such a new thing but yes, now that the internet has matured and that people have become really mobile, cloud computing does have immense potential.
One thing he said was mildly shocking. For the first time ever, the consumer side of the business is now bigger than the enterprise side of the business. Even with the advent of the PCs, people would go to their computers more in the office than at home because without the sheer power of the internet, the PC was a dull device to be used for personal use.

Secondly, wireless mobile chargers. Finally! An end to all those cords and annoying wall sockets based on the country of use!!!

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