Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lollapalooza in the 21st century

A very interesting analysis of the power of Amazon and its potential value (and also its inherent value). I am not able to save the file in doc or pdf so I just hope it will be available 10 years from now to see if the thesis did indeed work out. As a rule, I don't like high-priced companies even though they may have an excellent moat around them - I also believe that AMZN's ability to invest so heavily for its future is commendable.
I would love to see Amazon transform itself into a true global retail giant. As an Indian, I would love for them to be here. There is also a chance that 10 years from now, Amazon will have a bit of Apple-ness to itself in terms of a higher proliferation in preferred-choice hardware such as the Kindle.
May be one day I can say, "The future ain't like it used to be..."

Addendum: Another post which is just a commentary about how awesome Amazon is for a customer. Love the story about how he said that he would go to Lowe's, he did - and Lowe's didn't have it. Ha! Amazon tends to have everything it seems :)

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