Thursday, January 24, 2013

Having Fun

I am a little sick of the 'finance people' being so uptight and boorish.
The great thing about the real finance type folks is that they are blunt and fun (hint: I'm a finance type guy ;) (and single))

So, first is Carl Icahn talking about CVR, Netflix and Herbalife. Blunt guy - "I dont respect Bill Ackman." I enjoy his accent and his nonchalance - of course, people do sound better when they make money.

And second is David Tepper of Appaloosa talking about how he is bullish about the US economy. He has a fun, flirtatious way. "David Tepper has never been bullish." He talks about Scrabble, he gets a gift for the interviewer, a very northeast (Manhattan?) accent.
He says that there is a massive gap between value in equity and debt and that is the basic reason why equities are in a good value zone right now. It's gonna be liquidity driven. "This country is on the verge of an explosion of greatness."
"After Wall Street, you have to choose between working at McDonalds or working on sell-side. I would choose McDonalds."
"You wouldn't work at McDonalds, you know why.... because you're fancy!" (Talking to the interviewer)
And then he sings at the 22:30 mark.
And he tried getting a job at McDonalds.

Something that is echoed by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater. Now, Ray is a guy who is into Vipasana and talks about beautiful mechanisms and how markets function and how large pools of people function.

No - the mother of all addendums!!! :D
This is a 28 minute verbal duel between Ackman and Icahn
Love it :D

Talking about Herbalife, it's interesting that Bill Ackman is so strongly opinionated. Reminds me of:
"You are not right or wrong because the market says so, you are right or wrong based on your analysis and based on facts."
I have a feeling that Ackman is right and that the regulators will step in and shut down Herbalife even though it's a cash churning machine or they might be "highly cash flow positive scumbags". So, all in all I think Hempton from Bronte is right but Ackman will find a way to win on his short.

Then again, "I feel" and "I think" is irrelevant.

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