Monday, March 4, 2013

Japan again

So, Gundlach is another name to reckon with, especially in the debt markets.

Read this short article.

Regarding Japan, he puts it quite plainly:

""They are going to debase the currency and people even want them to debase the currency," Gundlach said. "Their own country wants inflation.
"Can you imagine Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wandering around the United States, saying, ‘I'm going to inflate. I want to inflate. My policy is inflation.' They want to counter deflation, but they don't talk about it. The prime minister of Japan says, ‘I want to inflate' and people said ‘Yay,' so they're going to inflate. The yen is going down."
The yen, trading at 93 to the dollar, is "of course" headed toward 100.
"I think it is going to 200" yen to the dollar, he said."

I had posted earlier about Japan based on Kyle Bass here.
This should be fun.

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